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The smallest of choices can help make a difference
The smallest of choices can help make a difference
Inspired by a life of less and moving towards a simpler wardrobe- living in Cornell, NYC in 1 suitcase made my life so much better. I try to tread light and that has given me a life of more. More meaningful relationships, more time, more self-growth, contentment and contribution. The smallest of choices can help make a difference, and it comes down to even putting on the right tee. But finding a high quality, eco-friendly premium tee at the right price was challenging.
 And just with all the thinking while looking onto the East River in New York, gave birth to Eastrivr - Evergreen products bringing simple and thoughtful living to high-achievers. 🤟

Divyansh Lohia, Co-Founder
M.S. Cornell University, previously founder - Aidapp
Be fast. Be simple. Pull out an Eastrivr and Take on the Day!
An advocator for sustainability and zero-waste life, Kshirja did not want to build a clothing brand that would add to the negative in the apparel industry. My idea of a simple lifestyle was elevated for the greater good of the farmers, planet and future generations. We interviewed 45 high-performers. Studied the fashion industry, studied fabrics, cuts and structure. Sourced the finest sustainable cotton yarns from the world. Detailed the first iteration of a functional tee and partnered with a GOTS, Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex certified factory. Partnered with India's best Organic Cotton Farms. And Tested samples for Fade, Shrinkage, Pilling and Fit. Try out an Eastrivr tee and if you don't fall in love at first wear, we'd take them back - no questions asked. 😊

Kshirja Diwan, Co Founder
ex-MTV Viacom. Alum. Imperial College Business School, London